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Created on 2009-05-03 20:25:30 (#256367), last updated 2009-08-01 (428 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:May 3, 1971
Location:Asheville, North Carolina, United States of America
Website:Good Judy Perfume Oils
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Hand-blended perfume oils. Scent your world! is host to the Good Judy and Conjure Oils forum. Feel free to join and meet fellow fans!
Good Judy Perfume Oils is the Good Judy Dreamwidth community. Updates and announcements galore! Please join us.


I have a degree in Sociology with a concentration in gender and cognitive studies. I am into social theories...especially exchange, interaction and gender theories. I get off on exploring cognitive sociology and cognitive behavior therapies beneficial to mental disorders.

I think way too much...and I want to save the world...or at least wake people up from their self-induced slumber. When will I ever learn?! I am like a little kid on Christmas morning, wide awake and bouncing on the bed, impatiently waiting for everyone else to wake the hell up so we can get on with our lives! That's me...the human alarm clock...always being slammed by people wanting to sleep in a little bit longer. Not on my watch! Time to wake up!! If you're awake, come and play with me!

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, , aged, anti-bush, anxiety, art, asheville, australia, baths, bauhaus, black and white, bush sucks, candles, chris corner, christian hypocrisy, chuck taylors, clive barker, cocoa beach, concrete blonde, conjure oils, crafts, crochet, crossword puzzles, daily slather, danny elfman, dia de los muertos, digital photography, diversity, divine, do-it-yourself, dreams, faeries, fags, flip flops, freckles, fuzzbox, gary lodato, gay boys, geek love, gender fuck, getting nekkie, ghee, good judy, gothic (the movie), grace slick, green tea, h.r. giger, haee, halloween, heaven and earth essentials, hedwig, heffalumps, hoodies, horror movies, iamx, jesus crispies, knit, legend, mag lights, magical omaha, mama cass, mastication, masturbation, meditation, mental, mental disorders, merritt island, mood disorders, nag champa, neko case, north kakalaki, nostalgia, nude, nude photography, paint, patty griffin, peaches, peen, pet the pretty, photography, pillows, plants, poetry, possets, powder, punk, puzzles, queer, rain, redheads, roald dahl, salvador dali, sandra cisneros, sarah mclachlan, scruffy boys, self-confidence, sharpies, siggster, sigourney, sinead o'connor, siouxsie, skank, skin, skinny boys, skinny puppy, skunk anansie, slather, smell good judy, snails, sneakers, snow, snuggle bunnies, social psychology, sociology, spanish, spider webs, spirit guides, steampunk, target, taurus, this mortal coil, tree hugging, underwear, urotsukidoji, used, water, wet, windchimes, woozles, yoga,
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